Professional Grade Snake Trap - $24.95 + $4.95 S&H

Professional Snake Trap


This product was ultimately deemed inhumane, ineffective, and overpriced, so I pulled it off the market.

Trap comes with detailed instructions, including setting instructions, tips for success, snake information, and instructions for what to do with the snake once it is captured. This is the exact trap that I've been using for years, after much field research as a wildlife trapper. It has caught several hundred snakes.

If you wish to order by phone instead, or to pay by check, please email us with your desired order and we'll write/call back, or better yet, call us at (we no longer accept phone orders)

Humane? If a snake is indoors, yes. I do not recommend using a glue-based trap outdoors, because it can inhumanely catch other small critters.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Place snake trap in area where snakes are spotted, or in garage, shed, or other location you want to keep snake-free. Place trap along edge for better results. Snake is lured into trap and becomes completely ensnared on the biosafe adhesive inside, and is unable to move. Trap is re-usable.

WHY DOES IT WORK? Each trap is scented with special snake attract-dots which emit live mice odor, which attract many snake species. Snakes naturally seek out dark, covered areas, and are attracted to this trap design. The key to capture is the special multi-chamber funnel trap inside. It is durable, and works 24-7-365. It is often better than hiring a snake pro to come out, because the snake may have left or hidden by the time he arrives. But the trap will catch it when it comes back or out of hiding.

DIMENSIONS & DURABILITY: The traps are 18 inches wide by 10 inches deep, by 2 inches tall. I have caught many snakes up to 5' long in this trap due to the internal design. It is made of durable corrugated plastic, and withstands any weather.

WHAT DO I DO WITH THE SNAKE? Trap comes with detailed instructions and snake identification info. You have the option of dispatching it with a special built-in mechanism, but we recommend that you bring the snake to a relocation point, spray cooking oil (such as PAM) on the snake, and it will work itself free within about two minutes. Or you can call a friend or wildlife pro to remove the trapped snake for you.


1) How large of a snake can your trap catch?
Our trap can catch a snake up to 5 feet long and 2 inches in diameter.

2) How do I know if I have caught a snake?
From a couple feet away, simply look into the side of the trap and visually check for a snake. Once you have set a trap please check your trap every day for snakes.

3) Will this trap work for water snakes?
Yes, our trap will catch water snakes, though not while they are in the water. Water snakes spend much of their time on land so simply place the trap in a place where you have seen one of the water snakes on land.

4) I saw a snake that looks like x, y, and z, what kind of snake is it?
Without visually seeing the snake myself, I cannot identify the species of snake. Our trap comes with instructions on how to identify your snake. Or most online searches describing the appearance and markings of the snake will yield good results.

5 ) Is your trap money-back guaranteed?
No. Our trap has been used successfully for years in the field by wildlife professionals but all of our sales of Snake Traps are final.

6) Is your trap reusable?
Yes! Our trap can be used about 3-4 times. Simply rinse off the trap well with water between uses and remove any large pieces of debris by hand.

7) Do the Snake-Attract Dots really work?
Yes, the scented dots really do work. The scent in the traps is not strong enough to lure in snakes from long distances, but will encourage any snakes that are using your property (or house) as habitat to enter. While the scent does fade with time, there will always be some remnant of scent remaining.

8) Is your trap safe to use around pets?
Yes, our trap is safe to use around pets. Because of the box design of our trap, animals such as cats and dogs can not access the glue board inside and are safe from getting stuck. In the unlikely event that a pet does become stuck on the glue board, simply spray oil on the glue to release the animal.

9) Do you take international orders?
Yes! Our $4.95 shipping rate does not apply to international shipments. We use USPS International Priority mail and shipping costs will be quoted at current rates.
PLEASE NOTE: International customers are directly responsible for any and all duties and fees levied by the country of destination, for product delivery. No refunds or returns allowed on international shipments.

10) How quickly will my trap arrive?
Traps usually ship same day (Mon - Fri), and arrive in 2-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail from Seattle, WA. International shipments arrive in 6-10 business days.

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