Tactics for making money from snake removal jobs - sell trapping and prevention.

How To Make Money From Snake Calls

I've been a wildlife trapper for six years. For many years, I frequently declined snake jobs because I wasn't able to arrive in a timely manner, and because snake jobs are often frustrating due to the fact that the snake has often vacated the premises upon arrival. This results in a pointless search and an unsatisfied customer.

I always wanted to make sure that I was paid for my time, so I said things like, "It's a $100 service fee to come to the property and search for the snake. The fee is due regardless of whether I find the snake or not". I was also not frequently able to come out immediately, like the customer wanted. With this approach, my sales rate was low, and when the customer agreed and we scheduled a time, I went but I often left homes feeling a bit sheepish when I didn't find the snake.

However, a few years back I made a change that really improved my satisfaction and income with snake calls. I started using snake traps. Now when I get a snake call, I say, "It's a $129 service fee to come to the property and search for the snake. If I can't find it in a reasonable time, I set a snake trap, and then return to the home when it is caught". Armed with a snake trap, I'm able to leave the customer something and some comfort even if I didn't find the snake. I think having a nice professional-looking trap also makes me seem like more of a prepared snake expert, and it justifies charging a higher price.

But that's not all. On each call I also try to sell snake preventions services. After I tell the customer that I can come to the property for $129, I say this: "I also offer snake prevention services for your property. This includes

  • A full property sweep to remove any and all snakes on the property, including any snake nests,
  • the application of a snake repellant around the perimeter of your home and property,
  • the elimination of habitat and features on your property that attract snakes,
  • an inspection of your house, and the sealing shut of any snake entry points,
  • and we leave two snake traps on the property to catch any snakes present.
The cost of this service is $219". My sales rate for this is very good. Many people who call about snakes have a snake phobia, and they want the snake prevention. I clear some obvious debris, seal gaps under concrete and rock walls and such with PUR-FILL foam, and stuff like that. For the repellent, I bring along a pump-spray bottle filled with diluted bobcat urine. I've tried various repellents of all sorts, and I prefer that. But if you have a repellent that you like better, go ahead and use it. I set two traps along the perimeter of the house. I seal any gaps and openings into the house, at ground level, with the PUR-FILL. The home inspection has an added bonus, because I often discover other wildlife problems, like rat or squirrel entries, and can sell extra services. The preventions usually take 30-45 minutes.

Here is Kris spraying repellent around the perimeter of the property.

Here is Sean setting a trap inside a cluttered den - he couldn't find the snake here!

You can modify pricing as you see fit. Some people sell snake removals for $289 or more, and I've done preventions on commercial property for several thousand dollars. If you get a large-scale snake prevention project, say that you set ten traps and check them on a weekly basis. This service sells very well, for a lot of money. One other thing - when I set the snake traps at a house, I tell the customer on the phone that I'll come back and get the snake for free. This increases my sales rate of the job. The thing is, most snakes spotted at homes are just in passing and will never be seen again, and you'll never get that callback for the trapped snake. But the traps do work. I once caught five snakes over five days at one house.

The point of this page is both to educate wildlife operators how to make money with snake calls, but also to sell snake traps. I have a high quality and professional trap that I use, as described and shown below. I am offering them to wildlife operators at the price of $200 for groups of ten, with free shipping. These can pay for themselves on one job. If you do snake jobs, have some on hand, you'll be glad. They last forever, better than cardboard traps. They look good. They seem more professional than just setting glue boards. You can charge a lot more on snake jobs armed with these traps, and feel more confident. If you want to order, just click the BUY NOW button below.


This product was ultimately deemed inhumane, ineffective, and overpriced, so I pulled it off the market.

Trap comes with detailed instructions, including setting instructions, tips for success, snake information, and instructions for what to do with the snake once it is captured. This is the exact trap that I've been using for years, after much field research as a wildlife trapper. It has caught several hundred snakes.

If you wish to order by phone instead, or to pay by check, please email us with your desired order and we'll write/call back, or better yet, call us at (we no longer accept phone orders)

HOW DOES IT WORK? Place snake trap in area where snakes are spotted, or in garage, shed, or other location you want to keep snake-free. Place trap along edge for better results. Snake is lured into trap and becomes completely ensnared on the biosafe adhesive inside, and is unable to move. Trap is re-usable.

WHY DOES IT WORK? Each trap is scented with special snake attract-dots which emit live mice odor, which attract many snake species. Snakes naturally seek out dark, covered areas, and are attracted to this trap design. The key to capture is the special multi-chamber funnel trap inside. It is durable, and works 24-7-365. It is often better than hiring a snake pro to come out, because the snake may have left or hidden by the time he arrives. But the trap will catch it when it comes back or out of hiding.

DIMENSIONS & DURABILITY: The traps are 18 inches wide by 10 inches deep, by 2 inches tall. I have caught many snakes up to 5' long in this trap due to the internal design. It is made of durable corrugated plastic, and withstands any weather.

WHAT DO I DO WITH THE SNAKE? Trap comes with detailed instructions and snake identification info. You have the option of dispatching it with a special built-in mechanism, but we recommend that you bring the snake to a relocation point, spray cooking oil (such as PAM) on the snake, and it will work itself free within about two minutes. Or you can call a friend or wildlife pro to remove the trapped snake for you.

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